Violent video games kill people

With one mass shooting every three months in the United-States since Obama came into office, people are still blaming violent video games but this time even more. The correlation between kids playing violent video games and shooting is often seen by a large part of the population but is it really there? I don’t think so. I think that correlation does not mean causation and it is important to note this because if the violent video games are rated Mature by the ESRB which means 17+ of age, there is a reason for it. Following this, a parent that would by his kids these video games can fairly be considered a not-caring parent of a badly-caring parent. If the parent is one of these, the kid is more likely to grow up psychologically baldy and therefore to become violent and cause a mass murder. It would be like saying that good actors make good movies. Yes, good movies are the results of good actors but also of a good crew and script and often a good script and crew will cause good actors to want to play in a movie. Also, if parents do not care about their kid, the young one won’t be shown that being violent is bad and the situation can only get worst.

Another thing is that violent video games only seem to be correlated to mass murders I the United-States because when we look at the rest of the world, other reasons come up like intimidation and mental illness so maybe the problem is with the country and not the worldwide selling game franchises. I would put this up like if a camera was filming a guy getting shot at in the movie with the angle hiding the shooter (there is no shooter). How would the public assume who the shooter is? The answer is by speculation and speculations are bad. My last example from cinema is that like going to the cinema, a whole lot of kids play violent video games nowadays and we could as easily blamed this on violent super-heroes movie than on video games because the percentages of kids killing people and playing video games is ridiculously small. Still, professional studies should be made on the subject and clarify the whole to make the world a better place and keep people safe.


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