the new Riddick

So I heard the new Riddick movie got a bad review. Let’s start by discussing the one before, the chronicles of Riddick, and do not be surprised if I tell you that it was awesome. The movie presenting an antihero who stands against an evil empire had a very good plot as well as well-done special effects and fight scenes. Presenting Riddick in his second movie as standing against an army made it possible for people to compare him with the famous terrorist V who sprays chaos in V for Vendetta. The franchise did well when they introduced Riddick as an assassin in Pitch Black and then gave him an honorable cause worth fighting for in Chronicles of Riddick but did they do the right choice by sending bounty hunters after him in the new movie? Apparently not, as many fans of the franchise thought this one was the very worst of the three, they still liked the fact that he was brought back as a badass and that the jokes were funny. The problem with the Riddick saga is that there are more people watching the newer ones and who have not seen the first or second but new fans don’t really understand the origin of the character since Pitch Black wasn’t a really big movie at the time of its release. This separates the fans into one group that wants the badass from Pitch Black and another one that wishes to continue the story in the same direction as the Chronicles. I think that this issue is because of the marketing of the movie since the studios are bringing more resources into Riddick each time a new movie comes out so a lot of people who go see them think the one they are seeing is the first one. Another problem with the saga is that often, critiques judge a movie by their standards and not the fans one. But then again, this happens with too many film series.

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